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About Me

Hello. I'm Diane Beal

Founder of the silver maven

In our teens, we think we know it all (or we pretend we do). In our 20’s, we believe we’ve figured out the game of life. In our 30’s, we start realizing we don’t know what we don’t know. In our 40’s, we begin rethinking our life. And in our 50’s and beyond we have the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and design an aligned life we love…no matter what challenges Life presents.

I help active adults over age 50 and their caregivers age with grace. I mentor them to create their customized roadmap to proactively (1) prepare for the challenges of aging and (2) manage personal affairs and care.

Teacher, mentor, world traveler and life-long learner 

Teaching and mentoring are my passions and life’s work

As a student, spent a Semester At Sea traveling and studying in 11 countries

Former member of the adjunct faculty at Emory University

Earned a M.S. and Ph.D. (ABD) in Education from Indiana University

Taught and mentored children, youth and adults in community service, public and private schools, religious, corporate and continuing education settings

Facilitated study groups, spoken at events and conferences and mentored many

Designed, developed, delivered and evaluated training

Consulted with dozens of business organizations, all levels of business leadership, individuals and teams to improve performance

Now retired from a Fortune 50 company as Lead Consultant providing training and consulting services to individuals, teams, and business units 

Did You Know?

“Unfortunately, our culture’s current perspective is that the second half of life offers only decline, disease, despair, and death. The rites of passage from birth to fifty years of age are well defined. We may go to school, get our first job, find life partners, raise a family, develop a career, and contribute to our communities. But the skills we developed during the first half of life are not adequate, nor are they appropriate, to support us during the second half. In the second half of life we are challenged to transform our approach to aging, understand the mysteries of the second half of life and deepen our experience of it…. There is no way back to where we were before, and there is no way out but through.” The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom

What People Are Saying

Working with Diane has opened up a gateway in my life. She taught me how to trust my inner wisdom and higher self. She's filled with wisdom and insight. If you are looking for growth and transformation, I highly recommend her. She holds you accountable and is spot on about your issues.
Banafsheh S.
I am so impressed with what Diane is doing. I think it is much needed by women and will offer a life-affirming possibility to the women who participate. Diane Beal is an intellectually gifted woman of courage, skill and talent, with a warm and generous heart. And she is beautiful inside.
Joy J.
Author and Co-Founder Swamp Gravy (Art and Culture as Economic Development)
As an 80-year old woman, this was my first time participating in an experience such as this. Diane has the ability to create and nurture connectivity between people and to build such a positive environment for learning and personal growth. I hope many others will have the fortune of being able to work with Diane.
Paula H.
I decided to invest in myself. Why? To embark on a process to fine tune the next phase of my life! Diane allows you one-on-one time whereby she ONLY focuses and listens to YOU! Not only is Diane well educated, but she also has a graceful professionalism that makes me feel very comfortable working with her. I’ve never spent this much time focusing on me and it’s grand! Diane has what it takes to change lives.
Beckie C.
Retired Teacher
Diane "walks her talk". She has persevered through her life challenges and embodies the principles she teaches. Her life models what it means to thrive...regardless of the circumstances. I found her to be a highly intelligent and knowledgeable woman whose vibrant personality and gentle manner made working with her a pleasure.
Irena R
Diane’s training is not mainstream. It provided me a foundation for re-programming my way of thinking and responding to situations.
Tope A.


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For Active Adults
Blueprint for Making
This Your Time

In 7 Simple steps!

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